​​​STOP the Dump Coalition

The Stop the Dump Coalition, including the Coalition Partners oppose any expansion of Riverbend Landfill. Waste Not of Yamhill County is the 501(c)4 organization of the Stop the Dump Coalition.

We want to stop the dump from:

  • increasing in size
  • staying open for 10-15 more years
  • hauling in more out-of-country or out-of-state waste to be left forever on the banks of the South Yamhill River
  • threatening our air and soils, our groundwater and river, our homes, our roads and businesses 

We want Yamhill County and its waste handlers to:

  • recover all recyclable materials
  • turn our waste into useful products like compost, electricity and fuel oils.

We want County officials to:

  • convene a forum to address alternatives to Riverbend Landfill
  • implement the County's Solid Waste Management Plan which requires the County to plan for our solid waste future and to consider alternatives in light of the inevitable eventual closure of Riverbend Landill.
  • find a long-term, community-friendly, sustainable solution to solid waste disposal in Yamhill County.

Our Mission

What's Happening

Stop expansion of Riverbend Landfill

Close the dump on schedule in 2017